Photo credit: Stephanie Neumann

About me

Hi, I'm Jan-Erik. I'm a user experience and data visualization designer currently working at ATLAS.ti. I design and develop data visualizations that support researchers in representing qualitative data.

I'm an experienced designer and developer of data-driven user interfaces for experts in different contexts. In recent years I have turned my attention especially to qualitative and critical data visualization. Clients I have worked with as a freelancer as well as a research associate include T-Systems, Volkswagen AG, Logitech, Polizei Brandenburg and many others.

Almost all projects I have worked on applied a user-centered and participative approach. Over the years I have developed a tool kit for conducting participative workshops in the area of data visualization user interfaces and successfully applied it many times, involving all stakeholders into the design process from start to finish.

Though my background is in design, I have acquired a profound knowledge in web technology, frameworks and visualization tools (D3, jQuery, React among others) in the past. I can help you bring your project from initial ideas to launch.

I also give talks about data visualization and teach its basic principles. Learn more here.

Interested in working with me? Let's talk!